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Principal's Corner

Have a Great SUMMER Panthers

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I am excited to continue work with DEN students and staff for another year in the upcoming 2018 2019 school  year.  We have made some excellent progress from 2016 to 2018 school years.  

  • Our parent surveys reflected improvement in parent and community perceptions of school progress.  
  • AdvancED surveys also showed improvement in ALL categories (excluding one-on-one technology for students).
  • Pearson provided teacher training in STEM, Literacy, and NISL for improved Tier I-III instruction. 
  • Our MAP scores in math increased by the expected norm PLUS approximately 10% overall each YEAR, while our ELA improved the expected norm and increase approximately 10% the 2017 2018 school year.  
  • Our behavioral WIG (Wildly Important Goal) of reducing office referrals to 7 per day actually ended up 5.2 per day on the average.  This reflects improved student self-regulation and teacher classroom management.
  • 5th graders enjoyed learning with chrome-books while 3rd and 4th had a little exposure to more technology.
  • During the 2018 2019 school year we look forward to chromebooks for 3rd-5th grade students allowing more technology time in our computer labs for Pre-K - 2nd Grade.
  • Students participated in new testing procedures to more fully understand their reading levels in an attempt to increase reading skills including:  DRA2, 95%, and Barton's
  • MANY student enjoyed new ENRICHMENT offerings at DEN including American Sign Language, Choir, Band, Gifted and Talented, and art offerings by community members.
  • Student Leadership Teams hosted numerous Parent Nights, Assemblies, and a great Leadership Day.  They are truly becoming excellent leaders.
  • All teacher are either Highly Qualified or working toward their Highly Qualified through the NV approved Alternative Route to Licensure (ARL) program. 
  • All paraprofessionals in supporting teaching positions were highly qualified.
  • Teachers are enjoying 45 minutes of Professional Learning for improved teaching daily, while students are instructed in PE, Computers, Library, Second Step, and more. 
  • Teachers were able to collaborate to improve instruction for students in 8 days per grade level producing curriculum that aligns with state standards in ELA and Math.
  • With the help of numerous grants and additional district funds we have increased our staffing to provide more student support including:  In-school and After-school tutors, a half time office staff person, a District nurse, PE, Computer, and Library personelle.

WOW, what improvement and continual change!  It has all been worth it and we will begin to see increased student progress as the years move along.  Our goals is to be a 3-Star school OR HIGHER by 2019 2020 school year.

We are spending the summer preparing for this upcoming year and look forward to seeing you all on Aug 27, 2018. 

We will keep the DEN Face Book page updated, so please watch for breaking news there.  To visit our Face Book page either click on the Student DEN Logo on the left of this Web page or click on our Face Book link at the top center of the page.