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Johnson Recognized as District Level Administrator Impacting Student Achievement
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Monday, November 25, 2019
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The Carson City School Board would like to nominate AJ Fueling and Paul Johnson.  With the uncertainty of what the new funding formula would bring, these two individuals were instrumental in making sure that no district would be devastated because of the new formula.

They started during the interim legislative session with the education committee meeting.  After the Augenclick, Palaich, and Associates study was released, they tried to educate lawmakers about the Nevada Plan and how it needed to be changed in order to achieve what the study had recommended.  They attended meetings, sent emails, answered questions, and met with staff.

They ran all kinds of spreadsheets to figure out how it could all work.  They spent countless hours going to, listening, and testifying at educational committee hearings.  Even the one after the actual formula was released, which continued until midnight.

They were welcomed and worked with the other CFOs in the districts and were not afraid to ask questions of the State Education department or legislators on the new funding formula to make sure every district received the funding needed to have high student achievement, and that a hold harmless was put into place.  They also lobbied to get CFOs on the committee that the governors appointed to work on the new formula.

The uncertainty rose even greater as the state superintendent and CFO of the NDE left in January, with the legislative session set to begin in February.  Both Paul and AJ worked with the new state superintendent to get her up to speed, and understanding Nevada’s school finance, as well as the new CFO for the NDE.

Paul is now the patriarch of school finance.  He has worked hard to get legislators, NDE, and anyone else who wants to know how school finances work, especially rural school financing and how it is different from urban districts.  Paul has an open-door policy for any questions or concerns. He has worked with and helped groups like Educate Nevada Now and Fund Our Future Nevada, along with NASB to help educate those fighting for funding especially at the state level.

Paul works with his own board to make sure they as board members don’t blame Clark or Washoe counties for the budget pitfalls coming our way, and that we need to be united as districts to keep on the state to get adequate funding for education.  He keeps board members up to date on everything that is happening with the new formula and how it affects all of us in the state.

Both Paul and AJ did all of this while trying to figure out their own districts’ budgets and performing their own job responsibilities, continuing to provide reports to their respective school boards.  This was done without added compensation. Their sacrifices of time, money and family should be acknowledged. The outcome of the new funding formula could have been a lot worse, especially for the rural district without Paul and AJ’s involvement and student achievement would have suffered.