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STAFF Changes
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Friday, November 07, 2014
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A few staff changes are being made to service the children of

DEN and White Pine County School District.

Mr. Brown will be moving to RTI (Response to Intervention).  This very important position has been vacant at DEN for the past 9 weeks.  Intervention is a VITAL service to all DEN students who might be struggling in any academic area.  They then, are identified by their teachers and placed in small groups to work more individually within their area of need.  We are excited that Mr. Brown has agreed to this change as his personal strengths of compassion, patience, relationship building, hard work, and willingness to take on new projects will be of great benefit.  He will be working with our computer based Fast Forward Program, is trained in Spalding, and trained in Singapore.  Additionally, his experience as an upper level classroom teacher will be of benefit as he works with students K-5 at DEN.  His students are very sad to see him move, however, he will be at DEN daily and CONTINUE to work with his already loved class, while reaching more children in the process.

This does not leave our 1st graders wanting, however.  They will now have the pleasure of working with Mrs. Dawson, an 18 year veteran, 1st grade teacher.  She has been observing and helping this week in Mrs. Brown's room to get to know the students and let them become familiar with her.  She will bring wonderful strengths to the classroom and is very experienced.  She also is very patient and kind hearted.  This will help the children transition more easily because of her loving presence.  She has a repertoire of WONDERFUL 1st grade activities, songs, and learning games that will be fun and engaging for all the students in her new class.  She is working very diligently to make their classroom inviting and exciting for Monday morning.

Mrs. Padilla, who performed RTI last year, has agreed to continue teaching for this year.  She will be a great benefit as she is one of the leaders in our new Spalding program.  Her powerful presence help our 1st grade get the leg up we want from this new phonetic program for Reading, Writing, and Spelling.  With the solid team of Mrs. Dawson, Mrs. Nicholes, and Mrs. Padilla in 1st grade and Mr Brown as back up with RTI, we feel we have a strong program for all children in our 1st grade and more, to learn at the high levels we want.  We thank all children, staff, parents, and community members involve with DEN children for their support and patience as we continue to make DEN the best we can for the students of Ely and White Pine County.

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