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Friday, November 21, 2014
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Ms. Carpenter's 2nd grade class is reaching out to a soldier in Afghanistan.  Ms. Carpenter shared this information with administration today:


Our class has been writing to a soldier serving in Afghanistan this school year. She has been moved around a couple of times so it had been difficult to get mail to her.  Our class decided to collect items to send to her for Christmas. We have a new address for her.  I asked her what we could send and she wouldn't give me a response. However, I found out that when she does receive packages she shares with her unit.  I just sent home a letter last week asking parents that were able to donate items that we could send to our soldier.  We had enough to mail a couple of packages this week.  I took them to the post office today to send them. The post-office lady thanked us for doing this.   She said she has a son serving in the military and she new how much receiving mail meant to him.  She said "I know how hard teachers work too, so thank you for all you do. This was the 2nd teacher in here today doing something for school during their off hours, and I know that teachers do a lot in their off time".  When it was time to pay she disappeared around  the corner and came back with 10$. I asked her what she was up to. She said that a local lady makes quilts and sells them. The proceeds she makes from her sales go to help  Military Packages send mail to their loved ones. That combined with a cash donation from  Mrs. Wheable I only had a little bit left to pay to send the package. This transaction meant a lot for all of us involved and I know it will mean a lot to our Soldier.


Thank you Ms. Carpenter's 2nd grade class for supporting the men and women of our military.  You are really following the Panther Habits of Everyone can Win (The Leader in Me habit of Think Win-Win) and All together is better (The Leader in Me habit of Synergize).  Great job.  Additionally, you are practicing virtues of:  caring, compassion, consideration, courtesy, friendliness, honor, kindness, love, respect, service, thankfulness, and unity. guys are really GREAT!  Thanks, Ms. Carpenter for making this possible for our students!


Thank you "Our Quilting Friend" and others who provide funds to help others send packages to soldiers in our military!  This kindness is greatly appreciated!

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