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Saturday, August 20, 2016
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DEN STAFF 2016 2017

WELCOME BACK EVERYONE! It is so exciting to see everyone getting prepared for the new school year. I am really looking forward to a GREAT year for our students, staff, and community in White Pine.

I am SO excited for our teams this year. A lot of thought and effort was put into building strong teams for all grades and I want to say THANK YOU to those teachers willing to move, change, or mentor those who are moving or changing. Our TEAM, as a whole, is amazing and our smaller teams in each grade band are going to be powerful. Many of these teams have new members of the DEN staff that I would like to highlight and introduce to the community.

Jody Crampton is joining our kindergarten team. Jody has some wonderful experience in Early Childhood and used her Elementary Degree to homeschool her children successfully for the past 17 years. She is FUN, exciting and you HAVE to meet her if you haven’t yet.

Christina Nicholes is also joining our kindergarten team from McGill where she taught last year. I have heard nothing but good from Mr. Robert Bischoff who was sorry to see her leave the McGill team. OUR GAIN! We are so pleased to have her. She is also very excited and has great enthusiasm to get our kinder started this year. Jody, Christina and Kaelyn Porter make up our kinder team.

Paula Moore, though not new to DEN is NOW a HIGHLY QUALIFIED teacher and an official member of our staff. We are SO excited to keep her after her student teaching last year. She has graciously accepted the invitation to join our 1st grade staff and will continue to work with Shauna Nicholes who was her Lead-Teacher last year as well as Shauna P on that 1st grade team.

Shelly Johnson has moved to us from the middle school. We are pleased to her have kind and gentle heart as part of our 2nd grade team. I worked with Shelly for years before on the District Science Team and she is willing and ready to step in and get things DONE. She is not afraid of hard work, new experiences, and ready to try new things. She will be a GREAT asset to our LARGE 2nd grade team including: Tali V, Jenni Wallace, and Crystal Nekuda.

CharLee Hamilton joins our 4th grade team. She has a degree in Health and Family studies as well as Early Childhood experience. We actually stole her from Magic Carpet. She had been hired as the Assistant DIRECTOR of the Magic Carpet Program before she moved to DEN to teach here. THANKS, CharLee for joining us! Her enthusiasm and curriculum development experience are going to be a great blessing. She joins Jan W, and Elizabeth C to round out that 4th grade team.

Our 3rd, 5th, SpEd, and Early Childhood teams are not new to DEN but have had A LOT of movement. 3rd grade now includes Karen W, Vera J (who moved from kinder). This is a small but mighty team. 5th grade includes Roger D, and Shawn H. We are LUCKY to have this power-house team. They will miss Jennifer Young, however, who has COURAGEOUSLY moved to our CLS room to learn SpEd along with Stephanie Walters (new last year), Nancy Johnson, and Melony O’Flaherty. Thank you ladies for helping our most needy children! Melany Johnson has moved to Early Childhood to join Brigette B and Judee S. WOW, can you have a stronger EC team?

We are excited to welcome back our Para-Pro staff including: Megan A, Traci G, Hanna M, Sarah B, Melinda P, Mandy Schaefer, Genevieve N, and Sandy H. You will see these wonderful veteran para-pros doing the TRAINING for our behavior lessons during the first two days of school. We are in the process of hiring MORE para-pro staff for before and after school tutoring, our new after-school program, and para-pros to help with our Friday School that will be offered every other Friday. We are doing our best to offer WPCSD children support in all aspects of their lives.

Finally, we are so thankful to the following individuals who are going above and beyond their regular class, beyond moving to a new grade, and beyond the normal SUPER HERO stuff you all do on a regular basis. Shauna Nicholes and Melany Johnson are Lead Teachers for Marlee Long who will be student teaching will us during the Fall Semester. Student teaching, as we all know, is hard, but we don’t always think of the efforts the Lead Teacher put into the process.   THANKS LADIES. Kaelyn Porter and Melany Johnson have been hired by the District as DEN mentors. Many of you have informal mentor assignments where you check in on another teacher and help as needed. But these ladies, as formal mentors, will be putting time in outside of the normal school day to help our new teachers plan, prepare, and create lesson plans, learn classroom management, and more. Karen Wines and Roger Dunnavant will also be working additional hours outside of your normal day as Assistant Deans at DEN. I personally am VERY pleased for their support and efforts to help me, you, students, and parents at DEN.


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