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Crisis Resources
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Monday, May 04, 2020
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Dear White Pine County School District Families,


During this time of isolation for our students and their families, we continue to be concerned about the potential for crisis situations, both with mental and physical health.  Therefore, we wanted to consolidate as many resources as possible in one, easily accessed location.  In addition to being posted on the school and district Facebook pages, these resources will also be listed on each school’s website.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our Student Support Team professionals for additional help and resources.  These professionals include:  Kara Garcia, Todd Parry, Heather Rowley, Amy Newman, Brad Campbell, Steffani Thompson, Susan Jensen, Alan Hedges, Angie Angelopoulos, Tim Moser, Adam Young, and Cammie Briggs.




WPCSD Student Support Team


Mental Health Resources


Physical Health Resources

Nevada 211 -- Help with housing/shelter, food assistance, housing expense assistance, transportation, and utilities assistance


First Baptist Church - address 701 ave N Ely NV, 89301

Need to fill out paperwork and bring ID

Food Pantry Hours

Monday 1-3 pm 

Tuesday 1-3 pm

Wednesday 1-3 pm


Community Food Bank - address 371 Clark street Ely, NV 89301

Need to fill out paperwork and bring ID

Can deliver to very desperate families (Sick)

Mondays 1-2 pm

Thursdays 4:30-6:30 pm 


Link how to file for unemployment Helpful videos and phone numbers


Ely Bus


“Warm” Lines:  A warm line is “a direct service delivered via telephone by a [peer] that provides a person in distress with a confidential venue to discuss their current status and/or needs” (SAMHSA, 2012). Unlike hotlines, warm lines are for situations that are not considered emergencies but could potentially quickly escalate if left unaddressed.  Although these numbers are affiliated with other states, you should be able to access and use them as well.


*(GA) 888-945-1414 –

*(WA) 877-500-9276 W,F, Sat 5-10PM

*(IN) 800-933-KEYS M-F 5-2AM

*(MN) 800-483-2007 8-12:30

*(MNY) 877-435-7800 5AM–5PM M-F

(KS) 866-927-6327

(OH) 513-931-9276 24 hrs/day

(CA) 888-448-9777 5-10PM, weekdays

(CA) 888-468-9370 24 hrs/day

(MT) 877-688-3377

(WI) 414-777-4729 M,W,F-Sun 5-9PM

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