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Weekly Update 12-6-21 to 12-10-21

DECEMBER HABIT - Winter Win-Win Challenge...Each classes can earn a movie on Dec 16 by completing our Winter Win-Win Challenges each day in our count-down till Winter Break.. These Winter Win-Win challenges include acts such as: Holding the door open for someone behind you. Picking up something that doesn't belong to you and throwing it away. Playing with a new friend at recess. Encourage your student to practice the 7-Habits at school AND at home

12-6 9:00 Attendance Review Meetings

3:30 CLUBS

Winter Win-Win Challenge of the day: Help

your teacher tidy up the classroom

12 - 7 Winter Win-Win Challenge of the day: Help

someone tudy up their workspace

12-8 Winter Win-Win Challenge of the day: Write a

thank you note to someone at school, i.e.

a janitor, the lunch lady, your friend,

teacher, etc.

12-9 Winter Win-Win Challenge of the day: Offer to

help someone today.

12-10 STEAM Friday 8:00-1:00

Have a GREAT WEEK, Panthers!



Win-Win Challenge for December Leader in Me

For the month of December we are challenging the students each day to do an act that exemplifies Win-Win. This 12 day for Winter Win-Win Challenge will be fun. If 90% of the students in a class perform our challenges that class can win a movie on Dec 16th before they leave for Winter Break.



Don't forget STEAM Friday this coming Friday Dec 10 from 8:00 am - 1:00 pm



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Week of Respect

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School Culture/Climate Work

September 29 virtual assembly

Fri Sep 17 11:40 AM

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